Rachel Rudy

I am a Game Design major at Bradley University, where I have been creating and publishing games, experiences, and art for over two years. I’ve always been a storyteller, and I see video games as the new frontier of storytelling. I want to create interesting worlds and compelling characters for players to explore and become. I didn’t grow up with video games so I bring a unique perspective to the medium as a kind of outsider, but that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my goals.

During my time at Bradley I have completed multiple Internships. As a sophomore I worked as a Production Intern at Volition, the team behind Saints Row and Red Faction. I also worked with Bully Pulpit Games, publishers of Fiasco, and published a game entitled Denatured with them.

I try to use every project as an opportunity to expand my skills and take my creativity to new heights. I am well versed in Unity and C#, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud, and have experience with production programs like Jira and Confluence. I also spend my free time singing with a jazz band on campus and listening to as many podcasts as possible.


Game Design Freshman of the Year 2022


Production Intern at Volition


Bully Pulpit Intern and Designer of Denatured


Student Producer of FUSE 2023


Conference Associate at GDC


Vice President of Interactive Media Student Advisory Board