1:03 aM

Interactive Narrative – 48hr Game Jam

January 2024

Unity, Adobe Suite

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A short narrative experience made in under 48 hours for a Bradley University run game jam by a nine person team of Juniors.

I ran initial brainstorming discussions with the team in order to come up with our idea for a quick game that fit the “Late Night” theme. It was important to me that all team members were interested in the work we were doing, so I facilitated discussions that allowed our designers to blue sky while still keeping our time line and programmers in mind. Scope regulation is the name of the game in a game jam so that was my top priority. 

Also with small teams you always end up wearing a lot of hats, so on top of managing the team I also created all the hand drawn art assets. It was a new challenge to be busy with asset creation while also trying to pay attention to the needs of the team. I was able to help the team a lot more once my own work was done, and reminded me of the importance of staying on top of my own work so I can be available to my team.

This project was created in conversation with the stress of finding jobs and internships in the game design industry. It is important to me that I seek out ways to expand the types of games I am involved with. I had yet to work with a game with a dialogue system, so I championed that as a challenge to bring to my team. I also want to be someone who makes things that say something, even if that thing is as simple as “it’s scary to be an adult”.